Transition Day Update Page

(last updated: 09/07/22 11:33 AM)

Please remember to log in to your same email account, just use the new provided password. Thank you everyone!

Hello ONYS and LAB Staff:

Transfer day for email properties will begin on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, at around 8 AM Pacific time. Keep this page open on your computer to see any updates.

Important: best practice is to open this page up in an incognito browser as the best way to keep the data fresh. Your browser’s cache might say transition in progress when in reality, it is complete. Or to refresh your browser, open this page to see your browser’s options: Helpful link on refreshing browsers (opens a new tab)

Note this page is a simple HTML page that will be updated manually by me. So please be patient; I will update it as soon as transition is complete.

Thank you everyone,