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Canada is Upon Us!

It's time to send some ONYS up North!
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About time, I am needing New York Seltzer right now.

I am on the West Coast in BC and one store nearby had it. I just checked your website….and now apparently its at all
London Drugs and 7 eleven!!! I can’t wait to go look tomorrow!!!!

You are correct, David. We are very excited! Let us know what you think!

Grew up on this stuff in the 80s and thrilled it’s finally available again. Thought to get because only 7/11 has it….. I need to buy it by the case! How do I get it by the case?

Hi Jesse, and thanks for checking in. We too are thrilled to be back in Canada!
Currently, we are not selling by the case there, but – as you mentioned – 7 Eleven carries ONYS by the singles, and you can also go to any London Drugs to buy it by the 4-pk. Hope that helps, and come back and let us know what you think!

where do we find it in Quebec province in eastern Canada ??? These use to be sold in Perette Store in the old time.

Hi Rick! We are currently in the process of landing a distributor in Quebec. We hope this process will be completed in the next 30 days or so.

Most of the 711’s in my area are all switched to a different company and I don’t know if I can find a London Drugs anywhere close but I will be looking. Really excited!

Hi Traci! Not sure what you mean by 7-11s switching to a different company…I have heard that 7-11 has acquired 300 new sites in Western Canada recently. As of now though, London Drugs and 7-11 are the only two chains where we have products, and our hope is we will be at Loblaw stores in the next two months. Hope that helps!

Just found it in Quebec in a Lebanese grocer. Would love it if we got more flavours here!

Hi Eleanor, and thanks for writing! Which flavors did you find? Right now we are concentrating on our first 4: Black Cherry, Raspberry, Vanilla Cream, and Root Beer. We hope to follow up with the others soon!

We definitely need ALL of the flavours. Right now it’s just raspberry, black cherry, vanilla and root beer but I’m ready and waiting for all the rest… don’t ever leave, we need you *so* much…

Hi Karen and thanks for your enthusiasm! We are starting with those flavors first, as the others will be coming to Canada at a later date. I hope they come soon because you’re going to love Blueberry & Peach (my two favorites).

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